Body | Pressotherapy 30 minutes

Price: £30



Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic
drainage massage, stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and
decompressing a specific part of your body, helping you get rid of
toxins and excess liquid. It helps reduce liquid retention, get better
blood circulation and battle cellulite, while being a fast and enjoyable
treatment at the same time.

But stimulation of the circulatory system and lymphatic drainage has a
large number of benefits other than getting rid of the excess liquid and
toxins in your body. Other than improving your circulation and helping
you relax and recover from body pain, pressotherapy is well known as a
side treatment during many body sculpting technologies, as it can
increase the effectiveness of any weight loss or cellulite treatment
that you are undergoing by speeding up the drainage of unwanted toxins.
Lymphatic drainage pressotherapy is useful for those suffering from
cellulite, varicose veins, rheumatism, blood circulation problems and
increased liquid retention, as well as exhausted muscles and tired legs.
It is a great way to increase your blood circulation, get rid of body
and muscle pain and detoxify your body by getting rid of the toxins and
unnecessary liquid that your body holds.